Nurture-Elle Cowl Neck Nursing Top - Stripes- Short Sleeve

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Dress up your jeans and boots or compliment a black skirt with the timeless look of a cowl neckline. Falling gently along the chest, Nurture-Elle’s Cowl Neck Nursing Tops provide a unique breastfeeding approach with our Side Access all the while looking polished.

Suitable for all cup sizes.  Big size bust? This style will make you look 2 size smaller. 

* All our breastfeeding fashions are created with a woman’s post-partum shape in mind. We have customized the bust lines to be 1 to 2 cup sizes larger.

Machine wash in cold water and hang to dry. Fabric: 90% viscose, 10% spandex.

Opening: SIDE OPENING:  To access the right breast, simply move the front fabric to the right and move to the left the inner layer. To access the left breast, simply move the front fabric to the left and move to the right the inner layer.

This style comes in different length sleeve:

See the Sleeveless version here

Short Sleeve, 

See the Long Sleeve version here,

See the 3/4 Sleeve version here.

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