Nurture-Elle Nursing Apparel

Washable nursing pads with waterproof layer - pack of 6 units

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Nurture-Elle designed Washable Nursing Pads that keep you comfortably dry thanks to an absorbent, breathable and leak-proof layer. Organic soft velour made of cotton against your skin helps soothe and cool sensitive or sore nipples. The pads are thin and flexible. Simple to wash and reuse – kind to the environment and your wallet.    6-pack washable breast pads. Comes in a nice packaging.


  • Made with certified organic velour cotton
  • Responsible production
  • Made in Canada


1 ply of super soft organic cotton velour                                    

2 plies of Cotton Terry

1 ply of waterproof layer (the same use on cloth diapers)

The diameter of each nursing pad is 5" (12.7cms)